Review: Cuisinart Elite vs. Kitchenaid Food Processor

 Update: (March 2013)
Still loving it, cant’ live with out it!

UPDATE: (August, 2012)

Since this post is getting lots of hits, I wanted to let you all know how I still LOVE my Cuisinart Processor. I use it all the time. I make homemade Peanut Butter in it all the time. I use it to make my turkey burgers. I mince my onion and garlic in the processor then throw the ground turkey meat in and blend it all together. I just love it and I use it for anything I can find, chopping, slicing, dicing. I have used it to make french fries, slice tomatoes, carrots, just anything and everything.

I just wish I had the holder for the blades, it really would help me with storage.  I still have not picked one up and so my blades are all organized in a cabinet.

My Christmas was plagued with “which one do I want”?

This is gonna be short since I am writing it on Christmas Day! But HEY! I have nothing better to do since the “Annie Oakley’s” of the family are out kicking some Coke cans butts.

My sweety pie wasn’t sure which food processor I would like, after weeks of us looking at them?, to get me for Christmas. (Thanks to Macy’s employee discounts and sale prices!!) So he conspired with his mom, and they sent both models and I got both for Christmas (which I should not have to wait until Christmas to get kitchen toys).

This is something I have wanted a long time, but never got one.

So when Kitchenaid came out with the Exactslice technology, I thought I wanted one of those.

But after comparing them, I decided to go with the Cuisinart.

Here is our list of Pro’s and Con’s.

Cuisinart Elite 12 Cup  VS Kitchenaid 13 Cup

Pro’s of Cuisinart:

  • Seemed to be better quality
  • Heavier
  • Easier to switch out blades
  • Really paid attention to customer use
  • Lid snaps on really easy
  • Quieter
  • Seems stronger torque on pulsing
  • Brighter “stainless steel” housing
Pro’s of Kitchenaid:
  • BPA free bowls
  • Easier to change slice sizes
Con’s of Cuisinart:
  • Not BPA free bowls
  • Does not come with a contianer to store blades unless you buy the bigger cup
  • Not sure how I feel about the handle being in the front instead of the side (update: doesn’t bother me)
  • The cord is way to short for say an island, its OK if you work right under your cabinets next to the wall outlet, but not when you work on an island and the cord has to go down the side of the cabinet to plug into the outlet on the side of a cabinet.
Con’s of Kitchenaid:

  • Lacking in Customer use, even with the fancy extra’s
  • Turning of the lid adds lot of pressure on the handle, this could lead to the handle breaking over time
  • I really didn’t like the housing at all. It seemed very cheap
  • Noisy
The finale scope:
I was not impressed with the quality of the Kitchenaid. I was thinking it would be the same quality as my mixer, Kitchenaid Pro HD or my Artisan that I use to have. But the quality was just not there. I am not saying it is not a good processor, but it just not what I was expecting. 
I had always thought that Cuisinart was a cheaper brand. But it turns out its quality in this food processor is high. I am not familiar with the quality of their other products, but I will be looking into them now. 
There are a lot of details you can find all over about these processors, but I wanted to talk about my feelings of actual use of them and design features I like. 
So over all, the Kitchenaid might have fancier “gadget” feel, but the Cuisinart is a much better choice. 
KitchenAid 13-cup Food Processor, KFP1333Cuisinart Elite Collection Food Processor
My Disclaimer: These companies don’t know me and they don’t know I am writing this. Which is probably good since this is a lousy review, if you can call it a review. 
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2 Responses to Review: Cuisinart Elite vs. Kitchenaid Food Processor

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was wondering if you could let me know if the cuisanart is able to slice as thin as the kitchenaid. Do you think the blade holder from my old cuisanart will work?


  2. Nicole says:

    The Cuisinart slices very thin, but I am not sure if its as thin as the Kitchenaid. Your old parts probably won't work because when I called and asked about using a different bowl from another Cuisinart, they said they are not interchangeable between each other. Hope this helps ya!


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