Glass Armonica, What is it?

Since this is suppose to be a homeschooling blog, here is a little lesson in the Glass Armonica.

The Glass Armonica was invented by none-other-than: Benjamin Franklin!

Franklin’s new invention premiered in early 1762, played by Marianne Davies—a well known musician in London who learned to play Franklin’s new invention. Initially Franklin named it the ‘glassychord’, but soon settled on‘armonica’ as the name for his new invention—after the Italian word for harmony “armonia”. Apparently Franklin built a second instrument for Ms. Davies, as she toured Europe with hers, while Franklin returned to Philadelphia with his own.

Here is a video for your Christmas Pleasure.

The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker:

OR for your Beethoven enjoyment on a Glass Harp? This is super cool!

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