Bible Review: The Names of God Bible by Ann Spangler

The Names of God Bible
published by Revell Publishers
Ann Spangler, General Editor
LaVonne Neff, Contributing Editor

This bible is written in the God’s Word Translation. Click HERE to learn more about GW and click HERE for a sample reading.

It is easy to read and understand, and that makes studying God’s Word much easier.

Be sure to look at the sample pages through out the post and
watch the video at the end of this review.

Enjoy a nice Introduction from the General Editor Ann Spangler.

Welcome Page lets you know how to read and use the bible:

  • Hebrew Names in bold type through out bible
  • Name Pages so you can study deeper the name and key scriptures
  • Book Introductions written by LaVonne Neff the Contributing Editor
  • Calling God by Name are sidebars connecting people and the name they called God
  • Topical Prayer Guide helps you pray for needs
  • Listing of the Names of God and his Titles and meanings of each
  • Pronunciation Guide
  • Reading Plans
  • Scripture Callouts 
This is an excellent addition to your study resources.

This bible does offer footnotes. There is also a section that explains the footnote types used, 5 types are used, and it gives a list of the Terms Used in Footnotes. This can help a lot for new studiers of the bible.

 I am not sure reading the Hebrew name of God is helpful to me, but it was interesting. It may be something your missing in your studies and would like to have that feature. I may find it useful at a later time when I beef up my studies. I am learning from it. It is a a product that will be needed and useful to others.

I did liked that I could find out that the name Moses used was Yahweh, or how about Joel. Joel 2:23 says People of Zion, be glad and find joy in Yahweh your Elohim. Well, I had to look up what Elohim means, God, and its pronounced: e-lo-HEEM.

I don’t know all the Names and Titles of our Lord, so while reading if you come across a name your not familiar with, you can turn to several helpful places:

  • Name Page: for a detailed explanation
  • Pronunciation Page to learn how to say the name correctly
  • Names of God Reading Path System: it lists the first page the name was mentioned
  • Alphabetical list of Names and Titles of God
This is an example of the Name Pages. They also list the scripture reference.

The Names of God Bible, Hardcover

Sample page of “Name of God” in Bold Type.

The Names of God Bible, Hardcover

Notable features and features that are my Favorite:

  • Aged look of the pages, I always love the “aged” look
  • The Scripture Callouts
  • The Name Index
  • Topical Prayer Guide
  • Calling God by Name or what I call “Little Snippets” about others in the bible. You learn a little snippet about the person and then the name that person called God. For example:
    Eve: The mother of all the living, Eve is the first woman named in scripture. Her pivotal story is recounted in Genesis, where she called God by two names. Yahweh (Gen. 4:1) and Elohim (Gen. 3:3)
  • Or that Hagar, Sarah’s maidservant, called God El Roi (Gen. 16:13), and El Roi means “God who watches over me”

I would love to give one of these away on this blog, but I love my copy too much to share. Sorry! 🙂

But I suggest you run out and get your own. You won’t be sorry. You can never have too many bibles, especially in different translations so you can have a deeper study time. I am learning a lot from using this bible.

If you would like for me to offer this Bible for a Giveaway on my blog, please leave me a comment so I know your interested. It would make a great Christmas gift for you special loved one.

The Names of God Bible, Hardcover

** I received this bible for an honest review from Revell**

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