Workin Hard!

We are working hard this week. Packing up things for donating, listing all the items. We use Its Deductible to price the items so we know how much for a write off. It helps a lot.

We hope to have things done by next Tuesday as that is when Mamal Cathi will be arriving for the week. Then we have our goal of getting the house on the market by January 1st so we must make sure all our things are donated and out of the house.

I can’t stand the house to be cluttered, and its hard when  you are married to someone who thinks he has to keep everything cause “you just might need it some day”. But its not working this time. I am packing it up and taking. Or throwing stuff away that needs to be thrown away. Too bad I can’t clean out his garage.

My philosophy is “if I don’t use it in a year, its gone”. The only thing I feel I should have in storage are holiday decorations, luggage, baby collectibles from when the girls were little, and I have a few things of my Grandma’s packed up that I don’t want broke. If I have to store it, I don’t need it! Why have all that stuff just sitting in boxes taking up space and collecting dust? I don’t know, its just plain annoying. Oh and I have a container of curtains and hardware that I may use if something breaks. I do have my own “tool” space in the garage and I keep a small hammar and nails and tape measure in the hutch drawer. I just don’t like to have unnecessary things around.

And now that we are couponing and having a small stockpile. The organization of this is driving me crazy trying to find the best space or spaces to put everything. Quite a good problem to have if you like to have food in times of bad situations, like being laid of from work and your income is cut in half. I mean we couldn’t feed our selves healthy, but we could eat plenty of blueberry muffins. lol!

Ta Ta for now!

I have a few book reviews coming, but since I was sick, I couldn’t focus long enough to write them.

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