Are you waiting?

for me to post something new?

Sorry, we are out of commission right now. We have a house full of sick people. Stuffy runny noses, sore throats, coughs, aches, you know all that stuff.

So I won’t be posting this week I don’t think.

Last week we spent days cleaning, packing up stuff for the thrift store and for storage, preparing to put our house up for sale. We even tore up the old yucky carpet in the hallway over the weekend and put down hardwood. It looks good and it blends with the kitchen nicely. I really hope it sets up apart from other houses.

Well, I am heading back to my little snuggle partner after I eat some Chicken Noddle Soup and grilled cheese.
I feel better today but can’t talk well. So I am airing the house out and disinfecting everything this morning. Oh and washing all the germy bedding!  We don’t like germs around here. 🙂

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