Our 30 Day Challenge and the new Indoctrination DVD

I was going to write this post all about our 30 Day Challenge we are starting today. But then I recieved my newsletter from Vision Forum about the new video they are offering called Indoctrination: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America.  See Video below!

First the Challenge:

I have always wanted to be the family that doesn’t include “worldly” thing in the home. Things like non-christian movies, music, books, and so on.

The goal here is to see if we have a change in our attitudes, hearts towards Jesus and other people. Will we be able to do more “family” things other than watching our favorite shows or movies together. Will we be able to incorporate more prayer and worship music. On our list is to pray at least 2 – 3 times a day for other people.  And since we won’t be listening to anything but Christian music (no country music?), we will spend more time singing worship songs. If you want to read my take on the differences of Christian music and Worship music than click on the Christian Music page above next to the home page link.

This 30 days we have decided what to exclude in our home as well as what to include. Its a good mix of getting rid of things and replacing with good things.

Though this challenge will not rid our home of everything “worldly”, it will be a starting point. Whether you realize it or not, there are anti-christian themes in almost everything. They don’t come right out and say it, you have to read between the lines. I am one of those people that will sit and watch a show and analyze it.

Have you seen the new show on Fox called Terra Nova? We love this show but it is, in its own way, anti-God. The people go back in time and are trying to save the world from its future (good plug for the environmentalist groups) because the air is so bad from pollution that they have to wear face masks and food won’t grow in the soil. So they try to play God and change the future by going back and restarting life billions of year ago, so they can learn from the mistakes made. Plus, they are making sure they don’t have the bible or God or Jesus mentioned. Its just a brainwash session, unless  you can pinpoint what is actually going on and block it from your brain and just look at it as entertainment. We love “science” shows. But we also use this time to pin point out things like what they want us to believe and why we don’t believe that and what can we learn and the truth of what is going on. I don’t want my kids to grow up brainwashed when they get out in the world on their own. Which is why I don’t shelter them from it, we teach them the truth AND the lie. They need to be able to determine which is which. If I never let them see the wrong/lie, then they  might fall for it because it sounds better than the truth.

I don’t think there is a right and wrong way to keep your kids from believing the lie, either teach them the lie or hide them from it. Yes we can pray for God’s discernment but that is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about the education that I provide.

You may not teach your child about evolution for what ever personal reason. I on the other hand teach them both creation and evolution so they can be watching something (like the Ice Age movie) and go “that was evolution and we don’t believe that”. I want my child to know why they don’t believe something, and they have to know the truth and the lie to be able to full comprehend the difference.

That is my take. I got off on a different path. I wanted this to be more about keeping out the “other” stuff we don’t want out kids to think is ok like: drugs, premarital relations, how to treat others because there is a lot of stuff out there telling our kids its ok to be mean to others verbally or physically or to lie or to steal. And the list could go on. Please feel free to comment and tell me something you are protecting your children from in this ungodly world.

I will keep you posted on how things are going with our challenge. We hope to have hearts changed and grow more in Christ. We want a deeper relationship with Jesus, to pray and worship him more. We want him to have a chance to mold us, convict us and correct us, and protect us from harmful things.


Now I want to share about the new video by Vision Forum because I felt that the video ties into the challenge we are doing. I really wish I could order the video. It looks very interesting. I believe it can also help point out to Christians that may not realize the anti-christian themes out there.

Click HERE to go to the information page on the video.

Here is a video also on the website:

IndoctriNation Trailer from IndoctriNation on Vimeo.

Copied from the website:

Every Christian parent with a child in a government school should see this [movie] and be forced to confront their unwillingness to do what Scripture requires for the children on loan to them by God. A mass exodus from government schools is the only way to preserve the souls and minds of our children, whether it gets the attention of politicians or not…and it would. 
—Cal Thomas, syndicated Columnist and Fox News contributor

Indoctrination is defined as, “to instruct in a doctrine, principle, ideology, etc., especially to imbue with a specific partisan or biased belief or point of view.” Today, nearly 90% of Christian children attend a public school. Their families have a vested interest in all that happens there. In this critically acclaimed, just-released film, join Scottish filmmaker Colin Gunn, a homeschool father of seven, on the field trip of a lifetime. Driving an old yellow school bus, Colin and family travel across America, asking questions about the origins and social impact of America’s public education system.
If you’re not ready to take a hard look at the true state of public education, you will want to avoid this unflinching and highly controversial documentary. And, if you think you already know all that’s necessary about education in America, think again. That would be a mistake!
Travel with Colin as he asks:
  • Who established the American public school system?
  • Are my kids physically and morally safe in the schools?
  • Are the public schools religiously neutral?
  • Should Christians try to be “salt and light” in public schools?
  • Can the public school system be fixed or redeemed?
Featuring interviews with whistleblower teachers, administrators, students, parents, and others, this film is part documentary, part testimonial, and completely captivating. Hear from Samuel Blumenfeld, Col. John Eidsmoe, John Taylor Gatto, Ken Ham, Dr. Erwin Lutzer, Doug Phillips, Howard Phillips, Bruce Shortt, R.C. Sproul, Jr., Kevin Swanson, and many more. Be encouraged by what God’s Word says about the discipleship and training of the next generation.
“This is the most important issue facing the Body of Christ, an issue that must be addressed and put to rest forever. IndoctriNation is an extremely important movie. Every church in America should show IndoctriNation. Every Christian should show IndoctriNation to their friends.” 
—Ted Baehr, founder of MOVIEGUIDE®
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