Do you know about the Harry Lauder Walking Stick Tree?

Well, we have one that we brought from Ohio (and it lived in a pot for several years) and planted it in our front yard. I am sure everyone drives by thinking “what is that thing”.

Here is a photo of one, not mine as I could not find one since cleaning off the desktop and putting all the photos on our external hard drive.

This is about what mine looks like now.  A big pile of leaves. (I borrowed these pics, click on any to be taken to the google search)

and what they look like with no leaves.

And here is Harry Lauder him self? (borrowed pic again)

The tree is used for making walking sticks or canes.


I wanted to share what Kiki and I did. I trimmed up the “tree” the other day because I didn’t want it to hang on the ground and I thought it needed to be more of a shape other than a blob. But just wait until its leaves are gone. It looks, as “Al Borlan” Greg says, “it’s gnarly dude!”

I took the trimmed pieces, took of the leaves, and made this center piece. Now we don’t decorate for Halloween, we decorate for Harvest, then next month it will be Thanksgiving.

I just stuck the branches in a jar. I would have used a Mason Jar but they are all in use.

But here is how it turned out. I hope it may give you some idea’s to decorate for the season with out having to include “Halloween” in your seasonal decorating. (note I have a yankee candle in candy corn, it was on clearance last year and it is Halloween based, but it smells good, and I normally would not buy it had there been a witch or something scary on it.)

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