Do you ever feel alone in the blog world?

I sure do.

All the time.

Like no one ever reads your blog.

No one ever leaves a comment.

Only family reads your blog.

Only your spouse reads your blog.

Or you just plain feel like you are writing to your self.

That is me.
I love to write. Its how I express my self. I would rather be writing than talking. I really hate to talk.


I am awkward in social situations.

I mean, what do other women talk about?

How do you start a conversation when you don’t know what to say?

Or what if all you ever hear them talk about are things that, well to be honest, are not interesting to me or you? Because I don’t want to sit around and talk about hair, or nails, or just my kids, for hours on end.

What about what I (or you if your like me) want to talk about?
Sports: I love to watch the Super Bowl, not sit and talk to women about what ever they are talking about!
Sometimes cooking, baking, cleaning, frugal ideas, or maybe some cool flannel shirt I found. LOL! Not the latest designer shirt, or about my latest $120 hair salon visit (which is not me, I buy a $9 box of Feria or whatever it is and get my hair chopped my my mom, or mom in law, or the local hack and shack. I live frugal here people!

I am really getting off task here, so back at it…

Maybe others don’t find what I write that interesting.

Maybe they don’t like my photos.

Maybe they just don’t like me? Really, who wouldn’t like me?
I am funny when I do talk. Well at least when I am feeling good and not wore out from “home making”.

Having time to write:

I really have to find time to write on this blog.

Someone always needs something, and I have independent kids who always want me for something but want to do it them selves (until something goes wrong lol)

Or when I have the energy, which is at night for some weird reason, I am really a night person and my creative juices and writing power comes out best at night.

But then I have a “light sleeping” husband who hears everything.

I have an office that is directly above the master bedroom.

I have a squeaky chair that rolls all over the floor.

And if I want to do anything in the office (school prep, writing, photography editing, have a midnight snack, read, do bible study, listen to the “internet radio” or anything else you might do in an office) I have to be very very quiet.

If I make a single little noise, or creak, or squeak, or other sound maybe made my a computer, there is an irate hubby yelling up at me “can you be quiet up there, your keeping me awake”.

Oh, and my hubby gets up at 5am while I sleep till 9 most days. And that is because he job is out of the house and mine is in it. And I don’t go to sleep till later.

Most nights, when I would like to be writing, I am spending time reading in my big comfy chair in my bedroom with my soft light, being very very quiet, while someone covers his head with my pillow so the light
doesn’t keep him awake.

Back to it lady!

I know I have gone off topic.

My point is:

I love to write, about most anything: Life, Bible stuff, Contests, Reviews, homeschooling (which doesn’t happen often for some reason and this is a homeschool blog), and any thing else that comes up.

I actually have a long list of topics I want to write about but don’t have time, or just haven’t found the “writing juices” to be flowing for that topic. I really like to be in the mood to write my topic. If I am not, then it ends up being a short pile of words that really doesn’t say anything.

So, if anyone is reading this, or this blog,

Please excuse my rambling! I just don’t know if I am all alone in blog land or not.

If I am, well then I am!

I am writing for my self.

And I also seem to change the “look” of this blog every month (just think how often I change my house, which you will often find me moving decor around the house so the rooms feel fresh even though I just moved one theme to another room, I am strange, but I get bored very easy).

I really need a blog to write, as my outlet.

Its like a public journal that anyone can read.

But maybe one day I will not do it any more because I am tired of writing for my self.

Maybe someone will want me, the eclectic writer, to write on their blog once a month or 2 or 3 or…
(then I would have to get better at my grammar lol).

So long blog world!

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3 Responses to Do you ever feel alone in the blog world?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I read your blog! Just wanted you to know that you're not all alone 🙂



  2. I read, too! The only reason I don't comment much (is this only my first or second one?) is because I get behind in my blog reading (today I had 256 posts to try catching up on!) so I scan and don't take time to comment. If I can keep up, I have about 30 a day to peruse, and then I can comment. But that's a big “if!” :^)


  3. Niki says:

    I read some place that most people don't comment because they are busy reading so many blogs. I too am guilty of reading but not commenting. I am making it a goal to comment now on at least one blog a day (different ones each day). I figure I better practice what I preach, or complain about. lol!
    I looked at my stats last month and had 700 people visit the site but I only recieved a few comments on my “giveaways” so I thought maybe no one was reading anything but the “giveaways” and didn't want to enter them.

    Thanks to both Katie and Tina for commenting on my “gripe session” on commenting.


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