Bonfire and a cute snake… and Scotty McSnapper Update

Update: Scotty McSnapper found his new pond home this morning. He buried himself in the mud in the pond. I am glad to see him safely off. I pray that he is protected from being eaten this winter.

I have so many topics on the list to write about, but I thought I would share with you about our Sunday Bonfire.

Since the weather is cooler and we love to have soup when its cool, I made chili for dinner and Smores for dessert. Yummy!

So here is a snippet of the “adventure”:

  • Start Bonfire
  • Enjoy Chili, Hotdogs roasted on the bonfire, and Smores
  • See snake crawling out of a log that G-man put on the fire
  • Save snake from burning to death
  • Observe snake: he was about 10″ long, black, yellow band around head, Pretty vibrant colors
  • Let snake go
  • Research snake online to see what he was and this is what we found:

(I will email more pics to family)
G-Man (aka Al Borlan) getting the fire going
 Child #2 thought she was going to roast 5 marshmallows at once but Dad came 
to break the limb down to size (2 marshmallows at a time lol)
 Dad and Child #1 talking… about what I don’t know
 Oh Look, Child #2 roasting her 2 marshmallows
 Yellow Ringneck Snake
Look how wonderful is coloring is.
 Good Bye!
Go back home!
 Just thought I would show you our dried up creek
(that Scotty McSnapper was suppose to be released into)

Ok, we are off to catch up on our Eureka episodes that we have missed. 

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