Book Review: Oops! by Bill Myers

TJ and the Time Stumblers

Oops!  Book 3

Author Bill Myers – view author info

Cover: Oops!

List Price:
Trim Size:
5 1/4 x 7 1/4 
September 2011 

The mishaps never end as TJ’s “helpers” from the 23rd century—Tuna and Herby—continue to study TJ as she learns the valuable lessons she’ll need to become a future world leader. In Oops!, TJ learns the importance of speaking and thinking well of people even when they are difficult, thanks to the Thought Broadcaster Pen, which exposes the thoughts of everyone it hits. As usual, Tuna and Herby’s attempts to fix the pen only make things worse—now all of TJ’s thoughts become reality! As she fights not to return meanness to others (and to clean up the disasters her thoughts cause, like turning whiny TV star Hesper Breakahart into a giant baby), TJ learns from her dad a little more about how her mother handled things: She kept reminding herself that each of us is God’s creation. And no matter how mean people may be, we all need to be loved. The same message also unfolds through a side story of classmate Chad Steel learning to treat a mean boy better.
I recommend this book, especially for reluctant readers. 
Cute book for elementary age kids also. Good book for both boys and girls. 

I personally loved how the characters changed what abbreviations mean. Like for example:

  • P.E. is suppose to be Physical Education, but in the book it means Physical Embarrassment
  • MTV is changed to Mindless Television Viewing
This book is very entertaining. Its funny, kwirky, action packed, and did I mention funny?
I love a good funny book. The story keeps you involved. I enjoyed it as an adult, but I love to laugh and it kept me giggling. 

I like the format of the chapters and the special bubble font used to express a different tone. It really adds some interest and “feeling” to the story. 

The kids have choices to make and you get to learn what they are, good or bad, and how they handle them. They really use some analyzing skills. 

They also learn about values as love, honesty, patience, and kindness. And what kind of name is Tuna?

At the end of the book you get a sneak peek at the next book Ho-Ho-Nooo! which I will definitely look into getting, as well as the first 2. 

Some things to check out:

Author Bill Myers Website:
I received this book for free for an honest review from:I Review For The Tyndale Blog Network
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