Unschooling… an adventure

We are looking into Unschooling.

Have you heard of it?

Its were your children get to direct them selves to learn what interests them. Which is what is happening in our house (as I spaz over what curriculum to buy, that I can’t afford).

I really don’t know a whole lot. I did read a book on it once, but the book was so anti-christian that I threw it away. I did a reveiw on it several years ago.

But I found this site and it might be helpful to you and me on learning more of how to unschool.

Christian Unschoolers

Which in every way is what Tempe (blog name) has been doing on her own any ways. She has been studying her Algebra when we aren’t even doing Algebra yet. She is studying on Anthropology and what goes along with that.
Her and Kiki have both been studying the human anatomy on their own.
This qualifies as unschooling to me. Taking what they want to learn about and going at it like pit bulls!
I know we will still keep up with our Math U See, Language Arts and Bible from Lifepac, atleast till is done.
We are focusing on Kiki’s critical thinking skills this year to help with her learning issues. 
But we have tons of rescources that we can use. I will give them a topic and say “lets study this” and if they find it worth studying then I am sure they will go at it. 
Here is a picture of our book shelves. I will be doing a post on the office redo but this will give you an early glimpse.  Please excuse the mess as I still haven’t finished organizing everything.
 I hope you will join us on our quest to transition to a mostly unschooling adventure.
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