Run for your lives… Its a Snapping Turtle….

Meet our temporary resident:

Scotty McSnapper

Scotty’s Temporary Home

I seem to be the only person not wanting to keep little Scotty, 
and they don’t call me Ellie May for nuttin!

We found Scotty floating in our plastic pond in our flower bed.
We thought we would observe him a few days and feed him.
His shell was still a bit soft so we thought we would protect him.

I want to put him in one of the pods around here. 
We went to put him in the creek behind our house but it was all dry.

But Mr. No More Animals  has said
“lets keep him through the winter so nothing happens to him”
I don’t want the little guy to be ate by a Heron”

I have been saying lets put him in the pond so he can grow  up and 
be someones soup.
Cause we do live in the south and you know people are cooking these babies up!

But I decided to let them keep him through the winter only to keep him safe but 
he WILL be released in the spring to fend for him self. 
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