This Years Line-up for Curriculum…

This year for school curriculum has been a bit, uumm, difficult. With a lower budget this year, I will become more creative than ever before. So far this is what we are doing for this year. I am selling off some unneeded and unwanted items on to help get money to buy curriculum this year. Which is ok, because those that know me, know I can’t stand clutter and it all has to be organized. And I am getting to the point that if it has to be stored, then I don’t need it. And if we move, the less I have the easier the move.
But I can’t get rid of books, I love books and collect them.

So here goes for this year. (anything in blue is probably a link so you can click on it)

First and foremost is Bible:

  •  Foundations 1 that we didn’t finish last year. Can be seen at Currclick HERE.
  • Book of Life reference books by V. Gilbert Beers
  • Book of Life reference books by John Rudin & Co.
  • Halley’s Bible Handbook
  • Nelson’s Comple Book of Bible Maps and Charts
  • And many other references I have collected.
  • UPDATE: LIFEPAC Bible for each girl
Math: This was a struggle this year, should I stay with Math U See or pick something else.
  • Math U See: Dede will be using Zeta and Kiki will be using Epsilon
  • Math Mammoth for extra work
Language Arts:
History, Science, and what ever is left, well we are still trying to figure how to afford these.
For now we will be using the Robinson Curriculum “plan” until we can either purchase it or use Sonlight payment plans. Not really sure and its too depressing to think about right now.
So for now we are using Living Books readers from Sonlight left over from last year and also have some books from to use. I also have some references and we will start of with some of these topics.
  • Continents
  • Mapping the world
  • Eco systems if I can find free stuff on line for this
  • Dede really wants to study the human skeletal system so I will have to work on that one
  • Dede also wants to study Biology so that is a tuffy for me. Sonlight has an awesome Biology program for High School using Apologia and they also offer a really cool microscope with neat features that other microscopes don’t have.
I am really proud of Dede, she is stepping up and taking control of her education. She has taken it on her self to review her work from last year and she is starting to study Algebra on her own.
We received her state test scores back last week and she was a 92 percentile. She scored in the top of every test except one of the math tests. So that really motivated her to do more this week. She asked me to print off worksheets for each lesson of her Math U See lessons from last year so she could review them and she has been working on them in her spare time, in between her reading of course. Everyone that knows her, knows she is an avid reader, hours daily she spends reading. 
Kiki is doing really good. With her learning disabilities, she even scored average on her test. So I am proud of her too. She has gone from a student not sitting in her seat with constant reminders to sit, to getting up in the morning and starting school on her own and staying focused longer. She is growing in her abilities to “learn on her own” which is really good. That is what I want for both my girls, to learn independently and not have to rely on someone else to teach them. They won’t get that in college. 
Well thats it for this update. 
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1 Response to This Years Line-up for Curriculum…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great for Dede! I bet you are proud that she is taking ownership over her learning.
    What types of disabilities does Kiki have, and how have you helped her overcome them? ADD runs in my family. My daughter is much too young to be diagnosed (6 months), but I have already begun wondering how I may handle the issue should it arise. My family members have chosen medication, but I know that is route I'd like to avoid.



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