neglecting my blog and a Soapbox Momment

I think my blog feels lonely.

I keep forgetting to blog, well more like when I think of something to talk about, its not a good time to jump on here and then I forget what I was going to write.

Or I want to write something that might not be a good witness or inappropriate for this blog. I have another blog for when I want to write about things not related to family or homeschooling, but I never write on it either. This blog is not the place I want to vent about life issues, politics, things I am against or for, prophecy, or anything else.

Maybe I should start including those things. It would be good conversation? Maybe, maybe not.

What if I did start talking about prophecy and what the future holds? Will I scare readers off? Will I bring readers in?

I am sure I will get scoffers, non-believers, or those believers who just don’t believe the same as I.
Which is ok, because NO 2 PEOPLE will EVER AGREE on 100% of any subject. You might find that you have the same beliefs on 99%, but you will ALWAYS have that one thing you don’t agree on. Its free will to believe what you want.

You can go to any church, any denomination, and you will find that no one believes the same exact thing. You won’t always agree with your pastor either.

You will not interpret all scripture the same either.

That is why there are so many different beliefs about the Rapture, The End Times /  End of Days, what ever the topic, you will not always agree 100%.

I belong to some forums, one in particular comes to mind. So many on there have the same idea’s, but yet, if someone says something they don’t believe, its starts an attack on what that person says, with all kinds of others saying things. Some mean things being said, other saying things with compassion, and some things being said as a wise teacher would say. Feelings get hurt, the moderator gets pulled in because someone was harsh.

But we need to realize, we may believe something different and that someone is going to eventually come against you. You may be right, the other may be right, or you both may be wrong.

We just won’t know until we get to heaven, will we?

You may choose to disagree with me and leave a comment, but if its a nasty comment, it will be removed. It doesn’t mean that is you disagree with me I will remove it, only if its mean spirited. Or maybe I will post it in a “post” and dissect it for everyone to read.

So you might want to expect some changes around here.

I am really starting to be more vocal on what I believe. Some times I don’t remember exactly why I believe something, I just do. Well probably most of the time. My memory is not that great any more.

I use discernment, well I pray for discernment on things and I hope I am hearing from my HEAVENLY Father. But sometimes our voice can be louder than His and we get led astray (like by false preachers such as Osteen and Warren, and so many others).

Adios! Amigos!

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