Did you know? John F. Kennedy…

I want to start a new series “Did You Know”. I got the idea because I get these emails from the History Channel that I love, Daily History or This week in History. They are neat and I like to read them. So I thought I would start my own series.
Some might be good information and some may be me just being a smarty pants!! You just never know about me…


Since Jackie Kennedy tapes are coming out, I wanted the first one to be about her husband.

Did you know JFK wanted to end the Federal Reserve? 

Gets ya thinking doesn’t it?

I love a good conspiracy theory, true or not. But it is said he was killed because of this and that is was planned out by VP Lydon Johnson.

And interesting reading and watching from CBS: HERE

And don’t forget the Diane Sawyer deal tonight. I will be watching. Click here for details.

Some other good reading about this topic I can’t find. There was one article I wanted to put it. If I find it, I will post it. I am looking diligently.

Found a copy but not the one I was looking for. This one is on FOX click Here.

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