The Cape! Finally done and I hate it…..

I must have used a different hook on each side, as one side is tighter than the other. But we don’t care. Maybe no one will notice? I noticed. Tempe noticed. Maybe I am worrying to much. Its been driving me crazy. But who cares, I only planned on wearing it around the house in the winter while Mr.Tighty keeps the heat down and we are all freezing around here, all winter long again.

Oh and did I mention this thing is really heavy, way too heavy. Maybe I will undo it and knit a jacket I found on Lion Brands website.

So here are the wonderful models, modeling the cape! First is “still working on blog name” and Second is Tempe. (they are infatuated with the TV show Bones, so maybe we will call the unnamed person Booth, because she kinda is like Booth, but she really likes Hodgins. She says his eyes are dreamy remember?)

(Please forgive me for not editing but its way too hot in the bonus room, A/C is out, to fight with editing right now)

Unnamed model #1

Tempe: Model #2

Aren’t they just gorgeous!
The models not the cape.

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