I have been working on my basic knitting skills off and on for several months. 
I decided to go out of the comfort zone and learn a new pattern. 
But first I wanted to try and learn how to do the Continental way of knitting. 
That did not go so well. I was very slow and had a hard time with the coordination of fingers, movement, and getting the yarn pulled through. I am guessing it is not meant for me so I am back to English. 
And I fly at the English style. 
The Basketweave.
I really like this pattern, even better than cables (I have not attempted cabling yet)
Here are a few things I learned while learning the Basketweave pattern.
  1. I need several spare “counters”. I only have one and I am using it for my count on my cape. So a few extra of the counters would be very nice.
  2. Some extra big “pins” or cable holders.  I slide my counter on them and then attach it to what I am working on so on each row I can easily find the counter and, well, count.
  3. Don’t sing to the radio while you are suppose to be counting your stitches. I worked all knit stitches when it was time to do my purl stitches. So I had to redo it. 
So here is the pattern I am using. This is my version of pattern because I really don’t know how to write a pattern.
Knit 5 Purl 5 and so on and so on.

Here is my work in progress and then a photo of my finished product. It is a wash cloth, or just a swatch.

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1 Response to Basketweave

  1. Angela says:

    I agree…there are lots of great texture stitches that don't require a cable needle.Your basket weave stitch looks great!


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