Science DVD’s on my Wish List!

Its been while since I wrote. Life has kept me from doing what I love to do, writing, and it is also my therapy so life has kept me from my therapy 🙂

So to get back on track and writing again, I wanted to take just  a few minutes to share some science DVD’s on my wish list. Now I still haven’t had the budget to purchase curriculum this year, other than our language arts, but if money was no object, I would get these DVDs.

Now I personally like using DVDs, Streaming, or the like, to use in our learning. Why you may ask? Because I am a visual learner and so is Kiki. Now I love to read but I love to watch things also. It gives me more of a chance to take notes or comprehend more information because, well I guess because I am a visual learner. And I like to learn Science and History from videos, then reading. I love both but videos are first on the list.

Now this videos are about Darwin, from a creationist point. I do believe that Charles Darwin was a great explorer and discoverer, but like all the other discovers and explorers, they still don’t provide proof of evolution as it is still a theory!. But he did make wonderful discoveries and we can learn from his works. I can sit here and say he made a case more for God, but then that is another debate for another day. I am a creationist and I stand by that. I don’t know everything about creation or evolution, though I know just a little, but I still believe that our Lord created everything we know. And you won’t ever change my mind about it either.

So here is my list:

1: The Mysterious Islands (in blu-ray of course) 
and you can visit it HERE

And those of you who really know me, you know I love turtles and tortoises so here is this:

2: The Voyage that Shook the World HERE

Up Next:
A book review on the book: Reforming Marriage by Douglas Wilson. (click HERE)
Its a wonderful book from a conservative view point. I gleaned lots of information from this book, though a lot of it I already believe and follow. After all, I find great pleasure and freedom in my marriage, and God, by following the biblical ideals of marriage, even though I am far from perfect in them. I can’t wait to get time to review this book for you because I soon have another to read in the series. 

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