Who Loves the Tomato Hornworm?

Most normal tomato growers don’t like to find the big ol’ caterpillar known as the Tomato Hornworm. Why? Because they eat your tomato plants.

But in this family we LOVE to find the lil’ wormies on our tomato plants!

WHY? (You ask with such disgust)

And I answer so full of enthusiasm:

Because Louie loves them and they make him FAT!

Today I went out to do the very hard thing of pulling up the wild tomato plants happily growing in the garden and taking all the nutrients from the main plants and what did I see? A Tomato Hornworm YEAH! First one I have found all season. Now usually they are easier to find because they happen to be host to waspers babies. The wasp “stings” his little babies into the worm and they feed and kill the worm. So you see the white babies poking off the worm. I did not find any like that yet so they were fully green and blended so well that I almost missed a few. But I got’em!

I found 6 total and I made a slide show of the wormies and of Louie. I did add in a few happy pictures as intermission between Louie piggin out for the weak. Its like a break from all the torment. We also rescued some babies or parasites that were squeezed out in the process. So I included that happy pic at the end. The sunflower pics are of Dede’s sunflower in her half of the garden and of her corn. I have more pics of the garden to add later.

Now I am sure some Dragon lover will not be happy that I am feeding my Dragon wild food. But I have always fed him hornworms from the garden, and Cicadas, and our past dragons we have done the same. They never get sick and are healthy as well a horse.

One thing I do hate is Beetles on my Wisteria!

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