Compooper Problems!

You know what they say “when it rains it pours”!

This also applies to computers you know?

  •  my desktop power supply died so it was out of commission for a while
  • then the laptop started having problems: blue screen and crashes! Ended up the hard drive died! 
So we purchased a new hard drive and had to install a new OS. That opened new “clouds” to rain down. Had to re-install drivers. How do you install a driver to get back on the internet to install drivers for other hardware? Well you have to have 2 computers DUH! One to download the drivers to a usb stick and then download it to the new OS. SOOOO…..
Luckily we had a friend, well Greg did of course because he knows everyone, who sold us some old parts to make our own computer, which I did, but then I had to re-install drivers for that one. But its very powerful and has a 1T hard drive.

So the past week I have been dealing with getting 2 computers up and running and its been a bit stressful. But since I am not afraid to do things myself instead of paying someone else to do it, I am competent! And I have a hardy desktop with my old XP OS on it. I just have to get through all these updates, and there are a lot of them. 

Then I have to get this laptop up and running because I have to install the new OS on it because what I have is not working too good. It is still crashing after the new hard drive so I will be putting XP on it also because I have 2 XP discs from our old computers we have had. 
Even though its been stressful learning how to build a computer on your own, I am enjoying my new skill. I have 2 empty towers so maybe I will rebuild them so each girl has her own pc to use for school or socializing. 
We will see! 
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