toile! Oh My!

I was looking at some idea’s on the web for making curtains and I came across this web page, blog page, about toile.

It grabbed my attention because I found some toile fabric at Joann’s that I want to use in the Kitchen.

I have yellow paint so I was hoping for red toile, not to mention the red would blend with the living room curtains that are red, but all I found I liked was this…

(Insert picture here because I can’t get it to load so just pretend it is here and go look at

Same Print different fabric Waverly Echoes of Ireland Rustic Life

$8 Fabric Navy

$10 Fabric Navy

$16 Sage Green

Or if I want Red I could go with Santa in Toile for $8

Just kidding!

So I want the Green because I love Green, and it goes with the yellow and my kitchen theme is old rustic country something eclectic. But the Blue would blend with the blue in the living room but I want to paint the yellow in the living room so the blue would be gone.

Maybe I will find something different by the time I can actually buy.

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