Home Made Pin Cushion!!

I was looking for pin cushions on line the other day and came across a forum and the ladies on there had made their own pin cushions. So I set out to make my own also.

This is what I collected to do my project:

  • I found this little pink tub that I have had for several years to organize school supplies in like erasers and paper clips. I have a few more but can’t find them.
  • I used pencil shavings, hair from our brushes, and the inside wood shavings from the inside of one of my ugly plain pin cushions. I took these idea’s from that forum. The also suggested bird gravel that you put in the bottom of bird cages, this is suppose to keep your pins sharp. I was trying to do this in a free manner so I didn’t go buy anything.
  • I decided to use the fabric I used to recover the school chairs. Since I use the school room as my craft sewing room also, it all matches.
  • Grabbed the hot glue gun.
  • I also grabbed some black beans out of the pantry to add weight so the pin cushion doesn’t slide all over the table so easy.
  • Then the last thing I used was some polyfill that I had laying around.

I didn’t think of getting pictues of my journey. I really didn’t think of posting it. But I am now!!!

Here is what I did.

  • I used the polyfill to make pouches. One for the beans for the bottom and then one for all the “cushion” parts.
  • Once I got these 2 pouches filled, I put them together and wrapped the fabric around tightly.
  • I did not worry about sewing the fabric and I found a rubber band and used that to keep the pouches in the fabric, to make a ball shape. I cut the extra fabric off the “ball”.
  • I ended up putting more beans in the bottom to take up the spare space.
  • Once I got the fabric ball situated how I wanted it, I got out the hot glue gun.
  • I went around the fabric and bucket with the glue. It was not an easy task. I made a bit of a mess on one side but its all ok.

So this is how it turned out! And I forgot to mention that I also added some essential lavendar oil to the sides. Now when I walk in my office where I keep my sewing supplies, it smells soo good.

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