Iced Coffee anyone??

A few monthes ago I started playing around with Iced Coffee. I would just take Greg’s left over coffee.

But this week Ree the Pioneer Woman posted a new recipe for making Iced Coffee concentrate that you put in your fridge so its handy for you to drink when you want it.

Click HERE to see the recipe!

I ended up letting my coffee steep for about 12 hours. I put it together after 9pm  then went to bed and got up and drained it around 9. I also had to work on the recipe a bit.

My changes:

  • We went to Aldi’s and I purchased the French Vanilla flavored Coffee and it came in a 12oz package instead of the pound of coffee the recipe called for.
  • I also had to change the water amount because of the coffee difference. The recipe calls for 2 gallons of water and I ended up using 1 1/2 gallons of water.

Ree gives lots of ideas for sweetening like using Condensed Milk, Half and Half, and so on. You know what you like to sweeten your drinks with.

I used Vanilla Almond Milk and Stevia to sweeten my iced coffee. I have to try and stay away from as much dairy as possible. I have done my own “clinical study” and have found that it is linked to acne, as in if I drink or eat a lot of dairy then I break out. So I have switched to Almond milk and its yummy, in vanilla and chocolate form. Dede loves the chocolate and she drinks it all if I don’t get to it first.

But anyways…

This recipe is awesome. I made it and now I just need a special container to put it in. I am having to use 2 pitchers, and I can just see someone thinking they are gettng iced tea out to drink. hehe!
So what I need is this cool jar to keep my coffee in: Click HERE to see jar! Ree also showed this on her site.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Please check out Ree’s website at

and her cooking site at

She also has give a ways of really cool things like

  • Le Creuset (my fave)
  • Wustoff Knives (my fave, German Baby!)
  • All Clad Cook Ware
  • Cameras

And she also does Photography Contests.

Check it out!

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