The other night we were awaken but a big crash in the screened in porch. We got up and looked and flipped the lights on. It was the cutest thing… two raccoons had came through the cat door and was eating the cat food and were trying to get into the container that we keep the cat food in. Well after admiring them for a while we sent them packing.

We have brought the cat food in the house so now we have to let the cats inside to eat, which is no big deal anyways as they come like to come in and sleep inside during the day and then go out to hunt at night. But this summer, with the flees so bad, we wanted to keep them outside at all times. That idea was shot after just a week. I mean for two years we have kept cat food outside for them, including the neighborhood cats, to eat. We never had any clue that raccoons were coming in eating because we never heard them make noise and nothing ever got into the food container. So maybe they have been here all along, or maybe not.

Well, they were back last night. No food right? Yes there was. There are crumbs in the cracks in the wood. So they were digging them out. We scared them off, they left, they did not come back that I know of.

Well, some guy G-man works with has traps. He said we can borrow it and trap and release them. But sweet lil’ me doesn’t want to separate them. So I will wait until they move on on their own. So for now, Mr. and Mrs. Zorro will have to get smart and move on on their own.

I am discovering a new love for raccoons, they are super cute. If this was heaven, I could pick them up and hug then and cuddle them and kiss that cute little nose. But this isn’t heaven and I don’t want to become a midnight snack to the cutest lil’ faces so no cuddling!

(None of these pics are the ones on my porch, I found them on the web and they have web addresses if you want to see more pics)
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