The Cutest Fabric!

Since it is going to be getting too hot for me to go outside this summer, I want to start getting some things ready to do. One of those things is making an apron. Here is the fabric I am thinking of using. It is super cute and I think it may be stolen from me right after it is made. I will keep you posted on its progress.

Licensed Cotton Fabric-Flower Garden Scenic Pooh : licensed fabric : fabric : Shop

I also will start knitting and crocheting some things again. I need to finish the cape I started in the winter. I ran out of yarn and never went to get any. I hope to finish it before fall as I don’t have a winter coat. I went all last winter with out a nice coat. I have jackets, but nothing nice. I didn’t want to actually buy one and I didn’t really see any I really liked. But this year I plan on being skinny and having my cape so I look really cool! if that is possible. Since my cape is brown, I want to make a really nice matching scarf and I am thinking pink based. I think I should have a touch of brightness in the winter. And it will match my purse. I just want to use a chunkier yarn though. I am thinking more of a loose type scarf.

But anyways, I might share this years project of the table I redone and chair cushions recovered for the school room, that we never use.

I also finished my medieval chairs out with a recovering of red velvet. They really are old dining room chairs but I think they have a medieval flare to them. My home theater room is done in Medieval so they go really good.

I will also be making some velvet drapes for the living room. It is being done in an eclectic Victorian era because of the Thomas Kinkade print hanging in the living room, Spirit of Christmas. Yes, a Christmas print for my year long living room. What was I thinking? I just love Christmas time I guess. Actually I do love Christmas, its more the “feeling”, sounds, smells, all those things. And about July every year, me and the girls go through Christmas in summer. We watch the movies and listen to music. We will even make hot chocolate or apple cider (in those little packets). I think I just love the time from fall till Christmas. Then after that it all goes down hill. I love fall also.
I am getting off topic aren’t I?

till next time…

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