still taking a break….

I am still taking a break. With everything settling down for us now, I should be back in the next few weeks.

I will be sharing G-man’s and Kiki’s project for the summer.

When I figure out exactly what I am doing for next school year I will let you know about that.
I will mention I have went the easy route and picked AOP’s Language Arts workbooks. I am looking into My Father’s World for 9th grade for Dede. Its more independent study which is what I want of her for the high school years. Kiki needs more direction. We are also going to be studying Astronomy this year, and G-man wants to participate so this is something we will be doing in the evening and he wants to get us a good telescope. We are still in limbo on Teaching Textbooks or sticking with Math U See. We are even thinking Kindles and lots of reading again this year. We used Sonlight’s readers last year and it has really brought out enjoyment in reading for Kiki. She studied the human body last year on her own and she picked lots of books from the library and we got lots of books from She is starting to thrive with homeschooling and starting to love learning. I even signed her up with Time4Learning for a few months and she gets on there and does Math and Lang. Arts and all other subjects with out me hounding her. She loves it. It is a nice feeling to finally see her thirst for knowledge after 3 years of fighting with her to stay in her seat. But its really helped with us, that I give them independence to learn what they want instead of dictating what they are going to learn and how. Now they just do it on their own and that’s an awesome thing.  And its a good thing since I have become burnt out on schooling.

And we will continue our Olivita Oink Spanish lessons until we are finished and then we will move on to Tell Me More spanish.

I have another review I am working on right now and I am in the process of reading another book. I can say I have narrowed down the publishing companies I have reviewed for in the past to just a few. And Bethany House is the main one, and they have been a bit “low” on books they are sharing for reviewing, so I am not getting as many as in the past. They have also limited us to only one per category, so I can’t load up on historicals any more. I have 2 other publishers I am still listed with, but they don’t have many books I am interested in. I can say I have put my self into boredom since I stopped reviewing so much.
I hope to find something else to keep me busy. I need to stay busy to a point, or I will go stir crazy with cabin fever.

And if I have to watch The Lightening Thief one more time today, I am going to look at Medusa!

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