Book Review: In Front of God and Everybody: confessions of April Grace

In Front of God and EverybodyBy KD McCrite

Published by Thomas Nelson

Its Cute! Its Sassy! It has characters with depth!

Book Description

If God wanted April Grace to be kind to her neighbors, He should have made them nicer!

Growing up in the country is never easy, but it sure is funny—especially if you happen to have a sister obsessed with being glamorous, a grandma just discovering make-up, hippie friends who never shower, and brand new neighbors from the city who test everyone’s patience. From disastrous dye jobs to forced apologies and elderly date tagalongs, you’ll laugh ‘til you cry as you read the Confessions of April Grace!

Here are just a couple of April’s thoughts: On her sister, Myra Sue: “How anyone can be that dumb and still be able to eat with a fork is beyond me.” On senior citizen lovebirds: “What if they started smooching right at the table in front of God and everybody?”

In spite of all the loony characters in her life, April Grace is able to learn from her parents as they share the love of God—to even the craziest of characters!

My soapbox moment:

When I first received this book to review, I gave it to Dede right away. I figured since it was a teen book it would be the smart thing to do. She took less than 2 days to read it. She says “it was really good”. She is so full of words. lol!

I enjoyed this book. I thought April Grace was a bit over doing the southern accent or slang if you will. April Grace was a bit on the “smart mouth” side also. I did find her to be funny and it was hard to stay quite while G-man stayed asleep next to me. I read another review about reading it to your husband, and if you are an adult reading this, you will read stuff to your husband that April Grace says. I know because I did the same thing. There really are some crazy funny things said in this book. 

This is an adventure based on the summer activities of April Grace, a teenage “youngin” who loves her family, especially her Grandma. Well she loves everyone except her older sister, of course. It wouldn’t be a story with out having an older sister who you fight with all the time.

There were lots of lessons to be learned in this book. One is to not let an inexperienced snooty lady color your hair. You will have to read the book to find out more about that situation.

The main lesson I think of the story was to learn just because someone is different than you doesn’t make them any better than you or that you are better than them. From the main characters you will learn how to forgive others who are different than you, especially when the “other people” think they are better than you.

April Grace’s parents invite some “snooty” people to stay in their house while they fix up their own new, but old, house. Now this causes lots of trouble. April Grace’s sister develops anorexia because of the household guest who she seems to idolize. The anorexia does not play a big part in the story but it is covered a little.

What story doesn’t have a little mystery? April Grace’s Grandma has a new beau with a mysterious past. And April Grace is on a mission to find out who he really is and what his past entails. The moral of this part of the story is to not always dismiss the observations of children.

Through all the “busy bodying” going on with April Grace, you will enjoy the adventure and you will find the house guests to be rude and lazy and Grandma’s boyfriend to be a hoot even though he is, well I just can’t tell ya. I got a red line under the word “ya” because it’s bad grammar. I write like I speak and I don’t mind having a little bit of bad grammar. Who cares anyways? I am a rebel and no one is perfect. And not to mention the bad grammar goes with this story just peachy. lol!

I totally recommend this book for teens or adults who like to laugh and like to read books who are family based and not filled with the stuff we don’t want our teens doing.

I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson for an honest review.
I review for BookSneeze®

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