I tawt I taw a leprechaun, I did I did!

So we know  yesterday was St. Paddy’s Day. I am not going to go into the real reason for it, and I am just gonna have some fun. Cause after all, us girls just want to have fun some times.

Kiki and I went out in the woods for a walk to enjoy the nice weather, and what did we see?

A real life Irish Leprechaun!
Kiki wanted to see and touch the leprechaun so she creeped up on her…
 She wanted a picture with the leprechaun so after pinching…
 and more pinching…
 and pinching back…
 and a punch and a big pinch…
 the leprechaun reluctantly went for the picture…
 and they finally were friends…
 so I thought anyways…
Such pretty girls!

I take the (very) long time to upload big versions of these so if my family would like to
click on the pics, it will take you to a bigger version so you can download and print if you want!
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