Family Game Night!

Every once in a while we have family game night. Mad Scientist Kiki loves to have game night, she loves games.
Games can be a good thing. Here are just a few reasons games can be used to teach.

  • Counting: let your child be the “banker”
  • Team Work: some board games (or video games like Little Big Planet) need 2 or more players to work together to accomplish a goal
  • Patience: they have to wait their turn and this can come in handy in a “fast everything” world
  • Attentiveness: they better pay attention or they could lose out on some money or lose a turn
  • Cause and Effect: If they spend too much money, they won’t be able to do something else in the game for example in Monopoly which is Mad Scientist Kiki’s favorite board game

These are just a few ways that games could be a learning experience. Here are a few snap shots of our learning time playing Monopoly tonight.

Little Fargo taking a nap while we play!


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