Learning a little Spanish! Whats to come soon…

A few weeks ago I received a special offer from The Old Schoolhouse for
Olivita Oink Bilingual Barnyard spanish lessons ebook.

We ordered the DVD and have done 2 lessons. So far we are really liking the videos. I will be doing a review later on when we have gone through close to half of the lessons. Which will probably be pretty fast because the girls are begging to do the lessons. I printed out the ebook in booklet form and they each have a little binder to put the ebook in. I even printed one out for me because I want to learn spanish also.

I wanted to give this a try because we have been trying to use Tell Me More spanish but its been a terror of a time. We think its just to hard for those who have not been exposed to much spanish or any at all. So I am hoping the Olivita Oink videos will give us a good foundation before we give Tell Me More another shot.

I will say the videos are high quality DVD’s and the teacher is very thorough and we love to here her speak. She has a pleasant voice that really makes the videos extra special.

I am hoping I get to give you a rave report later on, and I am guess from what I have watched so far I will.

While your waiting for a full review later go ahead and check the site out. I don’t think you will be disappointed at all. Younger kids will love it, and it is not boring for older kids or adults. Its a program the whole family will enjoy.  You can also watch sample classes on the website and I encourage you to watch them. Jackie Payne has done an outstanding job on developing this program and I have spoken with her through email and she is such a sweet lady so her customer service is wonderful.


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