Fave Series: What do I miss about back home?

What do I miss about back home?

As in what food do I miss from Ohio?

I have been craving hamburgers this week so it got me thinking what foods do I miss from Ohio.

Did you move away from you hometown and miss certain places to eat? If so feel free to chime in with a comment and tell me your story!

  1. Frisch’s: big boys, cherry cokes, and hot fudge cakes
  2. LaRosa’s: this is the girls and Gregs fave pizza
  3. Pizza Tower: the calzones
  4. White Castle: yummy cheeseburgers, yes you can buy them at Krogers but its just not the same
  5. Skyline: Gregs fave chili cheese dogs
  6. Gold Star: my fave chili cheese dogs

           And yes you can buy the chili of both brands in the store but it really does not taste yummy and I personally don’t think it even comes close to the fresh stuff!

I think I got them all from Ohio.

Now for Arizona:

  1. Rosati’s Pizza in Chandler (I know they are in other states like in Ohio and NC, but they DO NOT use the same sauce and I can tell it is not the same) and Rosati’s in Chandler has the best Chicken Wings, and Bull Feathers here in Fuquay Varina could give them a run for the money!
  2. IN & OUT BURGER! YEAH BABY! Ok, so In & Out is from Cali but they brought one to Tempe while we were living there and not kidding the drive through line was out of the parking lot like every day. If you went inside you would wait in a very  long line. The only thing is they don’t offer kids meals, which is crazy.

Ok, I am on my way now to find some food to eat!

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