P90X Week 3

I am starting my 3rd week on P90X. This work out is a butt kicker. I am so glad I hounded Greg to get it for me. I love the work outs and I think its a lot of fun, especially working out with you hubby. I can’t make it through all the reps for each move, but that is ok. One day I will have it mastered. But for now I can feel my muscles coming a long and my abs are getting a good work out. I can really tell it is working.

The only thing I just can’t get in the mood for is the yoga. I really don’t see the fun in that. I find it to be so boring. So instead of doing the yoga, I will do a cardio. I have this dance mat thing that plays christian music, called dance praise, and I will do that or I will do my Cardio Salsa video.

I secretly like to dance so I thought I would get this video that would give me a work out and teach me some dance moves. I love the Cardio Salsa video. I got mine from the dvd swap online. Its a lot of fun. I have only done it a few times but I will be doing it more, especially as I lose some weight and look like I should be doing Salsa!

So the deal with P90X is the muscle confusion to build muscle and lose weight with out that plateau that people get. Now a lot of people act like this not so new muscle confusion is the newest fad. Its not new! Bodybuilders have known about this for years. I am sure the old bodybuilders like Lou and Arnold could tell you all about this.

When I met Greggy Po! he was preparing for a body building competition with someone who had already won a bodybuilding competition, and so Greg knows all about this workout bodybuilding stuff. When we were first married, he would get up at 5am and work out for like an hour or two. He would also take lots of supplements, that there is no way we could afford now.

Well I must be getting to school some time today!


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