Favorite Series: Oldie Time Movies

For this list I will be listing my favorite oldie, period, historical, well any movie with an old touch to it.
These are not in order, and I have so many more that I could not even think of them all. I scoured Netflix for the dvd covers of some of the movies.

  • The Avdentures of Ociee Nash  (great family movie, we just recently discovered this on in the fall, and I fell in love with this little character)
  • Jane Erye ( BBC with Toby Stevens) 
  • Braveheart (not a fan of Mel but I do love this movie, I think its the scottish accents Lad)
  • Lemony Snickets A series of unfortunate events (love to listen to Jude Law talk, see the theme of accents)
  • Its a Wonderful Life
  • Lost in Austen (Thanks to my SIL for this one)
  •  Gone With The Wind (my mom and I use to watch this one)
  • 300 (yes its strange for a women to love this movie, I just do!)
  • Mrs. Brown ( Billy Connolly is great in this one, really shows his talent I think)
  • Kate and Leopold
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • all Indiana Jones
  • Pirates of the Carribean (do these count?)
  • Troy
  • Alexander
  • The Legend of Zorro
  • A Knight’s Tale (love movies on Knights)
  • Robin Hood the BBC TV Series (not really a movie I know)
  • North and South  (Richard Armitage is a great british actor)

That is all for now. I am working on some more topics: fave tv shows, action movies, kids movies, music, actors, recipes, cars. You get the point.
I have some lists I am working on. We have been busy this past month so I have let a lot things go. But I should be picking back up soon.


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