Christmas Eating… cookies and cakes and fudge OH MY!

Are you dreading gaining those few extra pounds from the holiday eating? This year I am not! I am already preparing my “I can’t eat that” spiel. It won’t be that hard this year either since because of circumstances we are not getting together as a big family this year, just the in laws. Since I will be helping to cook, I will be keeping the fat and calories low. I am voting for an easy meal like a whole chicken, rice, steamed veggies, salads, what ever I can to keep the fat down low low low. I just don’t crave all those fat types food much any more. Since I have started juicing and eating smoothies and egg whites for breakfast, I have lost my taste to the junk. I made cookies for the girls the other day, my famous ones everyone loves, and I ate a cookie and was like “eeww”. I made a chocolate cake last night, my favorite, and it just didn’t taste appetizing to me. So I am detoxing my body of the junk.

My hardest thing I have had to give up is the milk or dairy. Last night after I ate that small piece of chocolate cake with strawberries topped on it, I wanted a huge glass of milk. Milk has been recking havoc on my system, which is why I think I have become lactose intolerant. So this has been hard for me. I still will eat my yogurt with my scrambled egg whites since Greg (former body builder present wonderful husband) says that is a fat fighting combo.

The exercise part of my body transformation is going ok. I have been using the step stool as a stepper a few times per week. I have not been doing as much as I like because I have been doing so many other things. But I make sure I park way out in the parking lot of the store, I run up the steps when I need to go upstairs. I am trying to add every little thing I can for exercises until everything calms down and I have more dedicated time. This way I think I won’t get burn out so fast. I have P90X and I hope to start it after the girls start back to school so I can do it while they are doing independent studies or their reading.

One website you might want to look at is Lindsay Messina. She is a great motivator for me.  You may want to check out her you tube channel and watch some videos, its great motivation and insparation

That is all for now.


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