Body Transformation Journal: Todays Smoothie Recipe

I will be journaling my Body Transformation Journey and so I wanted to share this smoothie. I am also doing exercises, and today I used the Total Gym and I also did some crunches on the exercise ball. I also did my over version of the inversion table with my work bend in the decline position. It helps because I have been having neck problems and I don’t know why. I suspect I am out of alignment.

**I also wanted to point out at this time I will not be listing any weights or measurements. One thing that Greg always said when we were first married, was not to weight my self. Use the way my clothes fit to determine that I was losing weight. Since he was in body building when we met, he explained to me that muscle weights more than fat so when I lift weights it may look like I am gaining weight. And as you tone your muscles you push fat out from between your muscles so it may seem like you gained an inch. So I don’t like to measure or weight my self for a while. Plus, we don’t even own a scale for this reason.**
But anyways:

I am trying to do a juice and smoothie fast this week. I want to get the girls and I on smoothies for breakfast for healthy reasons. This is my short post on this 🙂

Today’s Smoothie Recipe. I usually just throw stuff in but today I tried to measure just for my readers.

1 Cup Silk Vanilla Almond Milk (I try to stay away or limit dairy as much as possible)
5 Strawberries (I use frozen because I like my smoothies cold)
1/2 a banana (again, frozen)

This smoothie isn’t full of tons of flavor. Its more on the mild side but I don’t mind. I actually love this smoothie for its mild side so I don’t get sick of drinking it.
I don’t like my smoothies too sweet as I am not a sweet craving person, except for chocolate cake at a certain time of the month!

I also like to keep frozen fruits around to put in the Champion Juicer to make our own “ice cream”.


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