My Favorites Series: Can I Get An Intro?

I have decided, for my own pleasure and fun, to start a “My Favorites” Series.
I will be making my own Top 10, or less, lists.

Some of the topics might include:

  • Veggie Tales Shows
  • Movies
  • Actors
  • Actresses
  • Pass Times
  • Cars
  • Things I like to hate
  • Top Inventions
  • TV Shows
  • Songs of all times
  • Places I have lived
  • Places I want to live or visit
  • Reasons to Sell Everything
  • Bible Verses
  • Foods
  • Beauty Products
  • Weight Loss “things”
  • Books
  • Quotes
  • Drinks
  • Animals
  • OOHHH, Yankee Candle Scents (how could I forget)

Do you see what I am getting at?
I am sure it will be more fun for me than it will be for you. Please just bare with me. Feel Free to Chime in and list your faves in the comments for each list topic!
See you soon, like next week!


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