A photo tour of my juicing!

My family and close friends know I like to juice. I am tryinhg to lose some weight and just get healthy and feel great again. (Did I ever tell you I am addicted to 5hr Energy, just had to throw that one in.)

So I am going to give you a juice tour. I do want to point out I do not get to juice food out of my little garden. I don’t grow those things to juice but to cook. And I don’t really grow much except for an abundance of jalepenos for my hubby. I have a huge bag in the freezer of jalepenos and banna peppers. My green peppers did better this past summer but not enough to keep some. I have 3 frozen, waiting to be put in a pot in the oven (because when they thaw they are sooo squashy! ha veggie humor).

I know there will be other juice people out there freaking out when I don’t shave off that carrot skin, but I am just that lazy! Sorry! I am a bizzy girl who likes to save time every chance I get, well more like saving energy I expend.

So here goes!

My Champion Juicer, Thanks to the nice lady in Tempe, AZ who sold it to me!
(please excuse my sensor dust, I hope to get a sensor cleaning kit for Christmas, or dang it, just as an I love my wife present would be nice)
 Pick your veggies! Here I just threw in a bunch of stuff, but carrots is a staple.
 Juicer, Juice cup, and bowl to catch pulp.
 Cram stuff down shute.
 Juice going into cup.
 I almost forgot MY most important part of juicing, an apple for sweetness.
 I make juice up to the black line, its how much my glass holds.
 Pulp coming out.
 Now I can site down, drink my juice
and work on my blog (that I don’t do enough of)

Ok, until next time I decide to bore you to death….


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