Jobs Jobs and more Jobs

Greg has been out of work for a few months now. He has had a few interviews and now he may get 2 job offers (I know those in Ohio wanting us to come home will be so dissssapointed), so we will probably be staying here in NC. He has sent out lots of resumes and applications to places here in NC, AZ, and back  home in OH. Its a crazy market out there right now for jobs. Employers are being way picky. Greg wants out of his current field and most employers are looking for those who already have experience or college in that field. Greg is such a hard worker (if working 2 jobs for the past several years doesn’t say hard worker, I don’t know what does) and a great sales man. He can sell ice to Eskimos! Or saltwater to whales! What other guy works 50-60 hours a week so his wife can keep his daughters home and safe? Not many! And lets face it, his Home Depot job doesn’t pay all the bills so its a good thing its just part time, though it is his favorite job. Why? you ask such a smart guy would love that job. He loves to talk to people and he has great sales skills. Plus he knows so much about the construction, house, cabinet design (his job at Depot), appliances (Depot sent him to appliance school many years ago so he knows a lot about them), and mostly he just loves to deal with people.
But I think if I could find him the perfect job, it would be working with cars and then building furniture in the garage in his free time. If you could make lots of money in Mustangs and engines, he would be rich. I think he should apply to Ford in Ohio. Its so funny, when we go car shopping, he ends up knowing more about Fords, especially Mustangs, than the sells people do. Maybe he should own a Ford car lot. He also knows a lot about other makes like, Chevy, Volkswagen (one of my faves), Dodge (my other fave), well you get the point.
The guy is smart and boy can he build furniture and kitchen cabinets, and design them because that is just as important. He is a “jack of all trades”. He knows so much about so many different areas of jobs and since he owned his own company he knows how to successfully run one. He is a manager! His weakness though, details, he just doesn’t get the details. He is working on them though. But that is were I compliment him as I like the details and organizing. He is the go getter with tons of energy. I am the laid back one.
But guess what, I am thinking of selling candle warmers. I think I can handle that. And Dede wants to do it to. I told her she could keep the money she makes but she has to talk to people about them.

I had better go. I just felt like rambling and since everyone is playing the PS3 I am bored. Maybe I will watch some TV!


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