Reflecting on the coming season…

I was sitting here reflecting on the coming events, Autumn is officially here, then winter.

But first things first, what comes with Autumn? The beautiful changing of the leaves, the crisp cool air (I love this), the smells of fall like bon fires and apple cider. I am already seeing sugar pumpkins in the stores for making homemade pumpkin pies, apple cider, and items for Thanksgiving dinner are already being stocked on the shelves. I have already purchased some apple cider and I plan on drinking it tonight because it is suppose to be cool. I have chili in the crockpot warming up for dinner (or southern supper).

And I made my cinnamon sugar cookies that I try to bake only in the fall. It really is just my sugar cookie recipe that everyone loves, with cinnamon added to it.
Over the past month I have been preparing for fall, my favorite time of year. I was shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond and I picked up a left over candle from last year of Yankee Candle Be Thankful for $10.00 instead of $21.99.  That is a deal, though I usually only buy them when I get coupons for buy 2 get one free. A few weeks ago Yankee Candle had a sale buy one get one free. Now that is a huge deal for them. I am a huge Yankee fan, no other candle is as strong (believe me I have tried many many brands and none has ever been as strong).

So anyways, I have also been trying out some recipes for “boil on the stove potpourri”. That is coming along rather nice and I will share some with you after I figure out a few strong scents and favorites.

After Thanksgiving and fall, comes Halloween. Sorry we don’t celebrate or participate so I won’t be spending any time on this unless it explains why! And I think we all know the evil reasons why. We really should pay attention to history and stop adjusting our selves to the world a little at a time until there is not difference between Christians and non-Christians.

Then comes Christmas, another pagan holiday, which I do participate in. I love the season mostly because of the atmosphere it produces, the joy. I feel such joy at that time of year. I like to listen to Christmas music all through the year to evoke this feeling. Like Silent Night, Go Tell It On The Mountain, The First Noel, and so on. I will through in some traditional carols sometimes. My favorite are those like Silent Night and instrumental.

I also have a teaching on Christmas that I had posted on my very old blog. It talks about the pagan history and how Christmas came about and what the bible says about it (adorning tree idols in silver and gold). But like most Christians, we don’t worship the tree or anything else but Jesus. This is how I justify participating in Christmas. We are only commanded by Jesus to celebrate the biblical feasts, which does not include his birth (which was in the fall not winter, not Dec. 25th). I will save my teaching for later. I do have a Christmas post I am working on about how the Germans celebrate Christmas, since Greg is of German heritage, not to mention others but his German/Jewish is most prevelant (closest, his Great Grand parents came from Germany).


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