Best Root Beer EVER!

This is the best root beer EVER! At least from all the root beers I have tasted.

It is like a fight at our house for the last one. I opened it and all heck broke lose.

“That was my last one, I was saving it” said Daddy Bear! I thought he was gonna bite my hand off. It is for family drinking by the way, not his!

Side Note:
That big meany just drank the last bit right in front of me. How could he?

Back to our regularly scheduled program…

We picked up this root beer from Aldi’s last week to have with our pizza. We just were not expecting it to be sooo good.

It is made by Cold Spring Brewery (click name for website).

It is a Draft Style and made with Cane Sugar. It has a very crisp bold flavor, but is not overbearing. It is very refreshing. It does not taste anything like what you get out of a fountain at a fast food joint (yuck). I would say it tops the list for Favorite Drinks at this house hold (it even tops Coke). It has lots of that foam when you pour it, which is important to have. I just didn’t capture it in the picture because I had to get the camera and it was all going away. Sorry!

I just wanted to blog about it to give some variety on the blog.

Cold Spring Brewery does not have a clue who I am and they did not give me this for a review. We purchased it our selves.

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