Book Review: the Mockingbird Parables

the Mockingbird Parables
By: Matt Litton
From: Tyndale Publishers

Publisher’s Description:
The Mockingbird Parables takes readers on an inspiring and engaging journey through Harper Lee’s beloved 1960 literary masterpiece, introducing each character through the lens of faith. The enigmatic Boo Radley as an allegorical representation of God, “the divine, mysterious neighbor” who watches over, protects, and longs to know his children personally. The hero, Atticus Finch, as a model of faith, integrity, and even parenting. The main character, Scout Finch, and what she might teach us about the role of women in church and society.
The Mockingbird Parables compels us to ask the often-ignored questions: Do we truly love our neighbors? Are we building community? Are we influencing society for the better? By illuminating the parallels between Christian faith and Lee’s masterpiece, The Mockingbird Parables reaffirms the magnitude of a novel perhaps more relevant today than ever before.
My Thoughts:
(this book was a bit harder for me to review because its not my normal type of book)
There is much scriptural references and speak of God. It really shows us how to treat God’s creations, people and the earth’s growing and living things. It really shows how we should treat others instead of how we are treating them now in the world. It kinda takes me back to simpler times.
This book could open up some debating between family and friends, or maybe just have you look at things a bit differently than your use to. Maybe you will have a “light bulb” moment or you will find something you disagree with.
The Mr. Litton wrote this book because of how To Kill a Mockingbird spoke to him, more on a spiritual level. The book was written based on the authors translation of the story and people, not what the book To Kill A Mockingbird’s meaning. I don’t think we really know what the original author wanted us to glean from the book. Mr. Litton expresses his own thoughts of the characters and stories behind them.  It will make you reflect on your own life.
If you have never read How To Kill A Mockingbird, I have not but will, I am thinking this book might cause you to read it differently than if you would have having never read Mr. Litton’s book first. Now that I have read this book, I know I will read To Kill a Mockingbird a little different. I am sure I will glean things from the book in a different light.

What ever the case may be, this is a good book that will evoke thought.
It is well written and easy to understand. It will definitely make you a better person.

This book could be used along with Homeschooling. I plan on having my daughters read it AFTER they have read To Kill a Mockingbird, which is on our reading this this year. After we are done with it, we will be doing a giveaway with the book, so stay tuned!

I received this book for free from Tyndale Media for an honest review.
You can see and purchse the book at Christian Book dot com


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