Deidra the little photographer

Deidra has been taking pictures of her own. I guess she wants to follow in some foot steps around here, but I hope she does better than I!

Here is a sample of some of her unedited shots. I hope you enjoy.

Some she takes with the Canon Rebel and some she takes with the Sony. We told her to use the Sony for her practice. I hope to get a Nikon one day for my self so either we will sell the Canon or give it to Deidra if she shows responsibility and if she has her own computer to load her hundreds of pics on. And believe me, she has hundreds of pics, especially of her self that she takes.

I like the rainbow coming in front of her face on this one
I thought this was really a creative idea
I think this is something you would see in a magazine
She practiced posing her sister


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1 Response to Deidra the little photographer

  1. For a novice and being yet unschooled in photography, Deidra certainly has a “good eye” – a strong visual sense – and also a good sense of composition. Two very important photography skills that usually takes others lots of instruction to achieve. That's putting my two cents in or putting in my two pennies worth (backed up by years of print/TV/Film/Advertising experience). Great job!


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