The Bengals finally stepped up and canned the worlds WORST EVER back up quarterback J.T. O’Sullivan.
I was starting to think that he was blackmailing someone to stay on the team.  I think he was signed to the Chargers, so Good Luck to them. NOT!

This year we have Batman and Robin, and now we have Dan Lefevour from Chicago. I don’t know anything about him but I am sure he is better than O’Sullivan (cant say here what I really call him).

The Bengals have a good change at a Superbowl (or pretty close). I love my Bengals, even when they aren’t doing so good.

I am really disgusted with Chad this year. I took a peak at his retarded dating show and it made me want to stick my head in the mud and not be a Bengals fan, what a joke! He is such a sleazzzz. Not a good role model for moral values. Why does he have to flaunt his trashiness I don’t know. He needs to get over his self. I was a big fan of his and I have his autograph (as Johnson), but not so much now. 

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