OOHHH Knitting OOHHH Knitting….

So I have been up to Knitting lately. But I taught my self this wonderful art. Well I purchased a book last year on how to knit for Deidra. She taught her self to do it but has not been doing it. I thought I would teach my self since I have been crocheting since I was a teen. I also taught Deidra a few years ago to do that.

Well, so far, my knitting is a bit slow. I made a coupon holder. Now I am going or a scarf, a small but longer scarf. I purchased a size 13 needle so it would go a bit faster for me and be looser rather than a tight knit. Any thing to make it go faster. So far I am ok with knitting, but to be honest, I still like crocheting much more. When I crochet I feel like I have accomplished a lot in an hour, but with knitting, I feel like I haven’t done hardly anything in an hour. So it is driving me a bit crazy. So there goes my hope of knitting me an Aran sweater any time soon!

I do need a new coat for winter this year, I gave my old one to the thrift store. So instead of buying a coat, I have decided to make a poncho/cape. Here is a link to the cape I will be CROCHETING! Click HERE. It is so beautiful! I can’t wait to get started on it. I am sure it will keep me very warm. If we move to Florida then I won’t need it I am sure. But I will have it for when I visit colder places. Maybe I will move back to Ohio, or maybe we will stay right here in NC.

Till next time….


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