Sailing… Takes me away…

OK, maybe its driving taking me away, away to Florida to get a way for a few days.
Mamal Cathi has a new house and we are going down to help out a bit.

I was just thinking an ice cream would be nice right now as I get ready to go pack, but Greg took my car and I don’t like his car so I won’t be getting any ice cream.

Well, I was hoping that we could do lots of educational trips while there in Florida. I hope we can still do some things. Greg got laid off last week so money is tight. But thats OK, God will provide like he always has, on his time frame of course. But what I think happened was, Greg has a friend at church who was wanting to get Greg on working with him and Greg drug his feet not sure what to do. Then God pushed him out of the nest and made him go apply for the other job. It will be stable, but with less pay. Its a good, or God, thing that I have been trying lots of frugal and natural things. I have been making my own laundry soap which works pretty good most of the time. That has saved money on laundry stuff. I have been experimenting with other natural things like cleaners. It has helped keep us from buying cleaning products that are unsafe, and it saves us money.

Which will all be good because we are talking, again, about adopting. And since Greg’s pay will not be up as high any more, being frugal will help with that, if we do it. So that is exciting and giving me some positive things to think about other than Greg not having a job, or paycheck. But I have never worried about Greg getting a job. I don’t want to seem arogant about it, but God has always provided him with a job. He is not afraid to take what he can get to support his family. He is a hard worker and I think God blesses him with jobs because he knows he appreciates the job and works hard at it.
God is Great and sufficient.

I must go, some one is knocking on the door.

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