Our first day back to school!

Today is our first day back to school!
Since we are all bored and its too hot and humid to go outside, we thought we would start school early and take some extra time off in the winter for holidays or when we are just too cold to do anything.

We will soon be going to Florida for some fun, and educational fun.
Some things we might do are; go to Bibleland, the Zoo, The Children’s Museum in Seabring, and Highland Hammonds State park. We visited the park a few years ago and the girls had lots of fun so we would like to go there again. We looked for baby alligators and I think we saw one. Maybe this year we will see some and get some good pictures with the newest camera addition to the family. Maybe I can take some of the same pictures again and then compare then and now. Then we can see how much we have changed and how the scenery has changed. It could be a fun project.

Speaking of project, I would really like to put together the continuous digital yearbook / photo album of school that I have wanted to do but have not gotten to far on it.

Well, we are off to have lunch break now. We like to watch House of Payne, but since we got a late start today we have missed it. Oh well, they are reruns and I am sure we will get to see them another day.

So long for now….


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1 Response to Our first day back to school!

  1. I don't have TV at home but when we visit my mother in law we sometimes see House of Payne. I like that show.


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