Thought this video was pretty neat!

Don’t read into this and start analyzing the leftist, modern society, or think its anti-catholic, or what ever. Look at the “top level” of what is being said. Look at the surface. It makes good points. I have read some comments on this video of those who THINK they are getting social skills through community on video games, but in reality, they are not getting real person to person contact, just online people who may or may not be who they say they are. 
There is so much you could read into this video, but that is up to you. Just let it spur some thoughts on how you view time and how you look at life.
And I totaly agree with the family values section at the end. If you want to have family values, then you need to be around your family and stop working to provide more material things for your family. If you want to be successful, be successful at having a great family legacy. Once your dead, no one cares if you worked 80 hours a week and were ceo of a big company. Really, NO ONE CARES about that when your dead!


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