Vacation: Medieval Times

The LONG awaited trip to Medieval Times! I have wanted to go for many years. This time I told Greg I am not going to Myrtle Beach (again, boring) without going to Medieval Times! Se he promised to take me. And we sat through one of those boring and outrageous Time Share deals to get tickets. That was over 2 hours of torture for 2 hours of bliss.
I did not go for the food, but it was yummy, except my dragon finger (rib) was a little dry. The Dragon (chicken) was moist and sooo good. The only  bad thing is they serve Pepsi and not Coke.

Here are a few pictures of our trip to the Great and Wonderful Medieval Times!! There are a few pics at the end of random places. Later I may replace these pictures with a slide show.

The girls eating there Dragon (chicken)
The Bad Green Knight making stinky faces at us!
We were in the Red and Yellow section so here are the pictures of our Knight!
Random Pics!
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