Cleaning out…

Do you know what its like to move? Cleaning, sorting, thrifting things, selling  things, and on and on.
Right now I am in the process of cleaning out the house to put our house on the market. With that comes a few different feelings.

  1. Stress and Frustration
  2. A Cleansing or Renewing
  3. Excitement
  4. Fear of the unknown (buying a new house or finding a job)

For me, I mostly feel like I am cleansing or renewing my mind, home, and family. Like we are getting a fresh start. And we get to throw out old items that we just don’t use, are wore out, or we just don’t like.
How many times have we moved out of state.
Lets see:

  1. Ohio: born and raised then left for
  2. Arizona: lived there less than a year, went back to Ohio because house wasn’t selling
  3. Ohio: lived here for a while, then went back to Arizona again planning on staying
  4. Arizona: wanted to stay here forever, Greg’s mom got really sick so we went back to Ohio
  5. Ohio: Stayed 2 years, then followed my brother to North Carolina
  6. North Carolina: will be here 3 years in July. Hate it here and can’t wait to leave (for Arizona??)

Ok, so we have moved a lot. I don’t mind moving. We actually embrace moving (not the physical part). To us we are having adventure. We love adventure and we don’t want to stay in one spot forever. That seems really boring to us. We like to explore new area’s and places. So why do we feel drawn to always go back to Arizona? We are not really sure other than we felt physically better. Greg’s knees felt way better out there. I feel physically and mentally better out there. We get to do more and we just like it there. We can’t really explain it. No matter how much we talk about it, we just can’t put words on how we feel. I feel peaceful and quiet out there, and I crave peacefulness and quietness. 

There are other states we could go to. We just feel our time is up here and we will see were the Lord leads us.


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