I got a Face Lift!

For my blog that is….

We are updating our blog again. We just wanted to pay tribute to our Irish roots, on my moms side of the family. I have always loved Ireland, and Scotland for all its green hills, but after doing my family history, Ireland is what I was drawn to more than any other country my ancestors are from. Like I said, I have always loved Ireland, from what I could see from pictures, books, videos, and the like. It just seems to flow through my veins. Like a rope pulling me and waiting for me to escape to a little thatched roof cottage and I can smell the peet fire burning in the fireplace, while I drink a cup of hot tea, eating some potatoe soup, and reading a book in a big comfy chair with ottoman. What a dream. Maybe one day it will come true. Maybe that is what heaven will be like for me. God giving me my own little cottage from Ireland that I can rest in, in between worshiping my creator!

And soon as The Cutest Blog on the Block is back up you should see my new background and not the butterflies, or when I can get to it. Its says a few hours they will be back up but I may not get to it that soon!


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